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Monday, May 15, 2006

My survey report about optometry

Optometry survey report

Purpose of the survey
I chose to do a survey about the optometry field because I will become an optician and this will allow me to know the kind of customers I’m going to meet at my clinic. I also want to learn more about their habits and their preference.

The survey is separated into two parts. The goal of the first part is to estimate the awareness of the respondents about their optical condition. In the second part, I try to learn more about their tastes and habits (related to the frame and eyes color). The questionnaire contained 10 questions with multiple-choice answers. Finally, there were 23 respondents who answered my survey.

For the question ‘Do you have any visual problem? ‘65.2% answered yes and they solved their optical problem with glasses or contact lenses. We usually recommend having one exam per year but only 21.7% followed the recommendation. Blue eyes are very popular but a lot of people have brown eyes and like them. If we look a little bit further to their customer’s habits, most of the respondents buy their glasses at the optician store and spend between $200 and $300 for their glasses. These days, the big sunglasses are in, but according to the survey the small ones are preferred by 62.2% of the respondents. Finally, the classic frames are just a little bit more appreciated with 56.5% over the funny frames with 43.5%

If we look at the first three questions we can suppose that the 7 people who had 0 or 1 eye exams in the past 5 years are the same ones that don’t have visual problems. We can conclude that if you don’t feel the need you don’t think it’s important to have an eye exam regularly. Most people prefer buying good products and having professional advice from an optician.

The survey confirms that the person without visual problems is not aware about the importance of an eye exam. Because of the popularity of blue and green eyes it can be interesting for those who have brown, grey and black eyes to try colored contact lenses. The survey reflects the fact that everybody has different personalities and tastes so it’s important for a good optician to offer many different products. The size, color and shape of glasses are different characteristics to consider when we buy glasses. So it’s important to keep a lot of products in stock to be able to answer the needs of the customers. This survey helps me in part to know the kind of customers in this job. I think I need more information to have a better idea about this profession but the survey was interesting to do. I was not very surprised about the results because I have been in optician program about 2 years so I knew a little bit of the habits of customers.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Survey about Optometry

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Club in Montreal

23 Février 2006


My name is Catherine and I have lived in Montreal for 23 years. Montreal is a beautiful city and you can do a lot of things. I like go out with my friends during the week end. There are many different kinds of club in this city . Sometimes I go to Cafe Campus, the Loft, Les Deux Pierrots or millenium. They are four different styles of clubs. Les Deux Pierrots is a bar in the Old Port of Montreal and it has are almost just French music. At Cafe Campus there are many styles of music such as French music, hip hop, R&B, rock and dance. Millenium is in east the part of Montreal and it's very R&B and dance music. Finally, The loft is in downtown and this club has two different sections, one is for rock and alternative music and the other one is for techno, house, R&B and dance. I think Montreal is a good place to have fun with your friends.